About No Fear Base Camp
   Growing up my father would tell me stories of legendary athletes in the sport of fixed object jumping, known as BASE jumping. He enjoyed the freedom of parachuting and dabbled in BASE in it's infancy all the way back to El Cap pre-1983. My intrigue into parachuting began in Grade School after spending hours watching videos of the Red Bull Air Force, Jeb Corliss, and Loic Jean-Albert. My fascination with the sport lead me to celebrate my High school Graduation with a Tandem Skydive. It was truly a dream come true!

   Addiction surely began from then on out which was initially paid for by thousands of tandem and sport pack jobs at Skydive Midwest, for the course of 3 years (2010-2012). During this time, invitations to stealthy, sketchy, and sometimes illegal jumps in the dark became a thing. First BASE trip was October 2011 from Racine, Wisconsin to Twin for my FJC. Red Bull Air Force BASE jumper Miles Daisher, whom I would consider a dear friend, was my first official Instructor. The next two years (2012- 2014) were spent studying High-end watchmaking at the Rolex Lititz Watch Technicum. In that time, my growth in the sport continued. 
    My first aerial jump was Bridge Day 2012 and it was my 30th BASE ever. Bromo Seltzer Clock Tower was my ticket to becoming a true BASE jumper! From there, I moved to Dayton, Ohio (2014 - 2016) where slider Up BASE  and aerial progression became the focus. My aerials were self taught off objects in BASE only. Slider up guy wire BASE was the nightly go to, with a hint of 700 to 900 plus free standers. Skills were gained and honed. 2016 marked a pivotal point in my career in the sport of BASE.

Progressing through the sport quickly, I yearned to fly down those beautiful mountains of Europe. A freedom rarely felt, but dreamed of by many. A token of life that I deemed at the time worth dying for. Many months of strategic planning and the use of only essential resource's included; 1) giving up my apartment, 2) finding refuge in my mini van, 3) residing with friends. I was able to save all that I could for a promise of a dream come true. I notified my Boss 3 months prior of my journey, then proceeded with my travel plans. 

    June 1st, 2016 I set off for approximately three months. I hiked far, flew fast, and met the most amazing people one could imagine. Moments of joy and loss were both had. This was an adventure one would truly never forget. Upon returning home, my thoughts had changed and I could no longer tolerate my 9 to 5. I told my boss I wasn't to return, then headed from Ohio to the mountains in Salt Lake City. A few months later, I decided to make my home in Twin Falls, Idaho where I purchased a property. That is where the idea of giving back to the community I feel so much for arose. It has given me everything. Therefore, I have officially established No Fear BASE Camp, which will help teach beginners what I have learned in my time in the sport. An emphasis on pre-planning, safety, and respect for the sport will be discussed in this comprehensive program.

Statistics in brief of my jumping activity (single parachute system):
Building: 3
   ° Wingsuit BASE: 1
Span: 461
Earth: 144
    ° Wingsuit BASE: 125
Turbines: 14
Smoke Stack: 1
Crane: 1
Balloon: 2

Total (as of 3/13/18): 814

My dad's first jump in the early 1970's.
 "Photos taken by a very special friend Sandy Staszak."
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